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Hvad kostede et Yamaha flygel i 1974?

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Dibald Gyfm

0 seconds ago When Yamaha came to market in Denmark they sold for then 5000 kr. (ca. 3000 current GBP) which is incredibly cheap for a grand, – and the local “Hornung & Møller” factory decided to close down because they would run out of campaign reserves before Yamaha. But also for other reasons I would prefer Feurich. You have probably seen that Paul Barton, concert pianist and artist i Bangkok (turned from the stage to become a family man) plays on Feurich grands and actually shows how beautiful they sound. I especially love a recording he did of a Chopin Scherzo. He also made volumes of instructional videos.

Dibald ~ D(on->ib)ald, Gyfm, skub hvert bogstav til bogstavet før, undtagen første som skubbes lidt mere.

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Saturday, July 3, 2021 at 21:00 GMT+0000

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