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Jødeforfølgelse, også af videnskabsmænd M/K

“Kathy loves Physics & History” YouTube channel.

Hun fortæller bla (min oversættelse) at Planck i 1943 var i Sverige og talte til tyske Nazi officerer. Det gav et gib i mig, var der tyske nazist-klubber i Sverige?

Transcript: In 1943 a Swedish reporter noted that Planck, who was talking to the Nazi officers club there, mentioned Einstein by name. Quote: Planck looked beyond prejudices and fanatics, entirely regardless of where he was. But Planck was aware of where he was [unintelligble: and he’s pardoned it].

While in Sweden Planck visited Lise Meitner [the first to understand fission] and according to Lise Planck told her, quote: Terrible things ought to happen to us. We have done the most terrible things.

Meitner thought that Planck was being too hard on himself. And after the war wrote a friend “Planck used the words ‘we’ and ‘us’, yet this 85 years old man was more courageous in his resistance than all the others.” [ cut … more about Meitner follows.]

(From that video)


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