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En af mine kæpheste: hvad man kan høre uden ører

Undskyld den kryptiske overskrift, men i en debattråd om hvorvidt sangen “Ramadan i København” er værd at tage med i Højskolesangbogen kom jeg til at gå fuldstændig overbord i en digression om Wagners racisme, og jeg endte med at researche noget mere og fik et shock, sjok, chock, sjock … sssh …

Parsifal/Percival Racism Debate

The conductor of the premiere was Hermann Levi, the court conductor at the Munich Opera. Since King Ludwig was sponsoring the production, much of the orchestra was drawn from the ranks of the Munich Opera, including the conductor. Wagner objected to Parsifal being conducted by a Jew (Levi’s father was in fact a rabbi). Wagner first suggested that Levi should convert to Christianity, which Levi declined to do.[67] Wagner then wrote to King Ludwig that he had decided to accept Levi despite the fact that (he alleged) he had received complaints that “of all pieces, this most Christian of works” should be conducted by a Jew. When the King expressed his satisfaction at this, replying that “human beings are basically all brothers”, Wagner wrote to the King that he “regard[ed] the Jewish race as the born enemy of pure humanity and everything noble about it”.[68]

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