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Health Care

Let me give you an example:

My mother was advised to try a procedure to see if it helps her back. It was a 5 minute procedure, outpatient, done in the doctor’s office, no anesthesia, just a local shot. We saw what the doctor charged Medicare – are you ready for this? $32,000. While I wanted the best care for my mother, I am aware of the fact that she was 88, with lots of other ailments compromising the quality of her life, and this procedure is not one known to really do much good in the long run. Now if there was government intervention, that shot would not have been $32,000 and it probably would not have been prescribed for my mother.

Another example: My mother-in-law used to get a Vitamin B shot once a month. This was not covered by her insurance. She used to pay $20.00 out of pocket. Then one day when she went to the doctor’s office, they said we got approval from Medicare and now it is covered by your insurance and you don’t have to pay. A week later she got the monthly statement for services she used – they usually send one – it is not a bill, just a list. She saw that they charged Medicare $120 for the shot. She called the doctor’s office and said “this must be a mistake – I used to pay $20 with no insurance – how come it is $120 with the insurance”. They said “never mind, that is our price now”.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 12:27 GMT+0000

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… på en Torsdag. Det er m.a.o. lidt forsinkede nyheder.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 12:17 GMT+0000

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